Dialogue 3 страница

Unit 8



Having served drinks to the passengers, the cabin crew are now about to serve lunch. Mr. Marshall, sitting comfortably in his window seat, is approached by an air hostess. She knows that a special vegetarian diet has been requested for him.

Mr. Marshall: Feeling hungry?

Passenger: Starving. I didn’t have time for breakfast. I had a bit of a scramble to catch the flight.

Mr. Marshall: Well, it doesn’t look as if we’ll have long to wait. They seem to be busy in the galley back there.

Passenger: Yes, and I swear that I smell Dialogue 3 страница steak.

Mr. Marshall: There’s a menu in the pocket of the seat-back in front of you. Have a look.

Passenger: Yes, I was right. Look at this. Smoked Scotch salmon to start with, followed by steak with button mushrooms, garden peas and croquette potatoes. Then there’s Napoleon gateau. That’s fabulous. And look. There’s English cheese, cream crackers and coffee. There’s even de-caffeinated coffee, too.

Mr. Marshall: That should take care of your appetite. Sure you’ll be able to eat it all?

Passenger: I’ll finish it, don’t worry. You Dialogue 3 страница hungry?

Mr. Marshall: Fairly. I hope they remembered my diet.

Passenger: Diet?

Mr. Marshall: Yes, I don’t eat meat.

Passenger: How can you have something that’s not on the menu? After all, this is an aircraft, not a fully equipped restaurant.

Mr. Marshall: It’s easy. You just tell the airline when you book your seat. They’ll fix you up with virtually anything you want.

Passenger: Really? Then I’ll be interested to see what they give you.

Mr. Marshall: Ah, here comes the hostess.

Air hostess: We’re about to serve lunch, sir. We do have a Dialogue 3 страница special meal for you and you can have a choice.

Mr. Marshall: Will it be a strict vegetarian meal?

Air hostess: Of course, sir. We have a varied selection of dishes. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your meal.

Mr. Marshall: Do you get many vegetarians travelling with you?

Air hostess: Yes, quite a few. It’s easy if they have the foresight to alert us as you did when you booked your flight. But we’re never caught out. We always carry tins of vegetarian food, like rice pulao and laganshula, for anyone who has forgotten to Dialogue 3 страница warn us.

Mr. Marshall: Will I have a hot main course?

Air hostess: Yes, we can supply hot or cold main courses. Would you like spiced vegetable stew with rice pulao?

Mr. Marshall: That will be excellent. What else can I have?

Air hostess: Vegetable hors d’ceuvre or vegetable soup, fruit or a sweet.

Mr. Marshall: The horse d’ceuvre and fruit, please. By the way, do you do many different meals? I was thinking about Hindus and Moslems.

Air hostess: We cater for everyone. As I said, it does help if we are warned of a Dialogue 3 страница passenger’s requirements, but we always carry a supply of special meals just in case.

Mr. Marshall: What sort of special meals?

Air hostess: We have kosher and kedassia meals, dishes for Orthodox Moslems, and vegetarians like yourself. We can also produce any individual diet that a diabetic might ask for.

Mr. Marshall: That’s incredible. Even a good hotel would be hard put to do all that-and here we are flying at 35,000 ft.

Air hostess: It’s all part of the service. We like to think that our food is as good as you’ll get in Dialogue 3 страница a five-star hotel. Now I’ll fetch your meal.

Passenger: I see what you were trying to tell me. It’s quite incredible.

Air hostess: Let me pull down the seat tables for you. Here’s your meal tray. Another air hostess will bring your special meal in a few minutes, Mr. Marshall.

Passenger: This looks great. Do you mind if I start?

Mr. Marshall: No, of course not. Anyway, here’s mine already.

Air hostess: Would you like some wine with your meal?

Mr. Marshall: A burgundy would be nice.

Passenger: Yes, one of those bottles of Dialogue 3 страница red wine will do me. Small, though, aren’t they?

Mr. Marshall: Just the right size for anyone travelling alone. Your good health.

Passenger: That steak was beautiful, really tender. How was your meal? I must say I never realized a vegetarian meal could look so good.

Mr. Marshall: It was good. I wish I could always get the same service on the ground.

Air hostess: Coffee, sir?

Mr. Marshall: Black, please. And could I have a brandy?

Passenger: Say, that’s a great idea. Same for me, too, please.

Mr. Marshall: You really are enjoying your flight, aren’t Dialogue 3 страница you?

Passenger: You can say that again. This may be my first flight, but it certainly won’t be my last.

Reading and Comprehension

Airlines compete vigorously with each other to give good service. One of the ways they can fulfill their promise to do so is by providing the special meals required by passengers of various nationalities and religions. Sometimes a passenger needs a particular food for medical reasons. On other occasions a traveler’s religion may forbid him to eat certain food or meals that have not been prepared in a certain way. From their earliest training Dialogue 3 страница days, airline stewards and hostesses are told about the food requirements of particular passengers. They are taught about the contents of the diets and the reasons that make such diets necessary. They learn that to offer particular foods to members of certain religions can be regarded as almost an insult, and certain to cause offence. In the same way, airline reservations staff are experienced in finding out the special dietary requirements of any passenger who cannot eat the meals that would normally be provided during the flight.


I. Translate into Russian:

The cabin crew; to request; to feel hungry; to catch the Dialogue 3 страница flight; the pocket of the seatback; to alert; a tin; to warn; to cater for smb; to fetch meals; to pull down the seat tables; meal tray; a vegetarian meal; to compete with; to give good service; to fulfill the promise; for some reasons; to forbid smb to do smth; to offer particular foods to smb; to regard smth an insult; to cause offence; to be experienced in smth; to find out; diet; in-flight service; to be hungry; to be on the menu; to have a choice; to have a selection of dishes; to enjoy meals; hot Dialogue 3 страница and cold main courses; to be appetizing.

II. TranslateintoEnglish:

Конкурировать, запрещать, откинуть столик, успеть на рейс, приносить пищу, закуска, предупредить, нанести обиду, оскорбление, быть опытным вчём-либо, проголодаться, поднос, напитки, требования, заказать вегетарианскую пищу, получать меню, иметь выбор.

III. Translate the following sentences:

The cabin crew will serve drinks to the passengers. A special vegetarian diet has been requested for some passengers. Passengers may have some difficulty to catch the flight. Is there a menu in the pocket of the seatback? Do they carry tins of vegetarian food? I wonder if they cater for everyone. Let me pull down Dialogue 3 страница the seat table for you. We wish we could always get the same service on the ground. Why do airlines compete vigorously with each other? Airline reservations staff are experienced in finding out the special dietary requirements of particular passengers. Are hostesses taught about the food requirements of particular passengers? Having served drinks to the passengers, the cabin crew are ready to serve lunch.

IV. Answer the following questions:

When are drinks served to passengers? Is it possible for a passenger to require special meals? Why do people need a particular food? What can be regarded as Dialogue 3 страница an insult? What things are hostesses taught? What are airline reservations staff experienced in? Which way do airlines try to give good service? Why do airlines compete with each other? How can they provide special meals required by passengers?

V. Test. TranslateintoEnglish:

Не могли бы вы откинуть столик для меня? Я знаю, что вам было трудно успеть на этот рейс. Почему авиакомпании конкурируют? Наш персонал опытный в обслуживании пассажиров. Когда пассажиры получают напитки? Когда пассажирам предлагают напитки? Кто обычно Кто обычно узнает о требованиях пассажиров к пище? Как стюардессы могут нанести оскорбление или обидеть пассажира? Много ли времени требуется, что бы Dialogue 3 страница приготовить пищу для всех пассажиров? Я голоден, долго придется ждать? Чему обучают стюардесс? После того, как пассажирам подали напитки, стюардессы начали подготовку к обеду. Многие пассажиры заказывают вегетарианскую пищу? Вы знаете, что вы можете получить меню на борту самолета? Вот, возьмите, посмотрите. Наш персонал узнаёт о диете, когда пассажир бронирует место на определенный рейс. Они знают о вашей диете? У вас есть выбор? Не забудьте предупредить их о вашей диете. Я уверен, что вы заботитесь о каждом пассажире. У вас всегда хороший запас продуктов на борту самолета? Вы можете откинуть столик? Вам будет трудно успеть на рейс, у Dialogue 3 страница вас мало времени. Я не успел позавтракать, у меня не было времени, я голоден. Вам не придется долго ждать, вас скоро будут кормить. Вы правы, они собираются подать напитки скоро. Они помнят, что у вас диета. Вы знаете, что у них в меню? Могу я посмотреть меню? Мне было бы интересно посмотреть, что у них будет в меню. Вам понравилось питание на борту? Вы не забыли предупредить их, что у вас диета? Будет отлично, если мы начнем с напитков. Между прочим, у вас большой выбор напитков? Вас предупреждают, что у пассажиров могут быть разные требования к еде? Вы Dialogue 3 страница были предупреждены об их требованиях. Нас всегда предупреждают о некоторых требованиях пассажиров. Вы принесете мясо? Вы можете принести фрукты позже. Позвольте мне помочь вам откинуть столик. Вот ваш поднос. Как бы мне хотелось, что бы такой сервис был на земле, в любой гостинице. Это замечательная идея. Это ваш первый полет? Вы раньше летали? Вам нравится летать? Вы часто летаете в командировку? Вам приходится часто летать? Выпродаетесигареты? Могуякупитьсигаретывполете?

VI. Act out dialogues on the following situations:

1. A passenger is booking his flight, he requests a special vegetarian diet.

2. You have to order meals for our crew.

3. A client asks you Dialogue 3 страница about boarding.

4. A passenger is interested in the procedures of a security check.

Unit 9

The aircraft galley

Mr. Marshall has enjoyed his meal. He compliments the hostess and asks her about the catering facilities on the aircraft. She offers to show him the galley, an invitation that Mr. Marshall accepts gladly.

Mr. Marshall: My word, this galley does seem small. How on earth can you produce all those delicious meals you serve in this little space?

Air hostess: That’s easy. The whole meal, except for the tea and coffee, is

prepared in our airline kitchens on the ground. All we have to do Dialogue 3 страница is heat the hot dishes for so many minutes and serve them.

Mr. Marshall: You mean you don’t do any real cooking in the aircraft?

Air hostess: That’s right. All the meals are cooked on the ground and then deep frozen. They are taken out of the deep freeze stores by the catering staff who make up the meal trays required for each flight.

Mr. Marshall: But there always seems to be so many different menus.

Air hostess: Right again. I think we have something in the region on four hundred different menus. We Dialogue 3 страница are a pretty large airline and we can’t have our regular travelers eating the same food flight after flight.

Mr. Marshall: No, of course not. It’s just something I’ve never thought about before.

Air hostess: There are the ovens that we use to heat up the meals. They’re very easy to operate. You just select the temperature, set the time switch and switch on.

Mr. Marshall: That seems simple enough. Doesn’t the oven tend to dry up the food?

Air hostess: Oh, no. The ovens are specially designed so that the meals come out looking just Dialogue 3 страница as they would if they had been served in a restaurant.

Mr. Marshall: Yes, and they taste just as good, if not better.

Air hostess: There’s another trick that we use. Some dishes are covered in foil while they are heated. This ensures that dishes like roast lamb and braised steak remain nice and moist.

Mr. Marshall: Are all the meals heated like that?

Air hostess: Not all. We leave off the foil for other dishes such as grills, tournedos and roast chicken.

Mr. Marshall: A friend of mine flew to America recently. He said that Dialogue 3 страница he had steak and scrambled eggs cooked specially for him in the air.

Air hostess: Oh, that would be on one of our Boeing 747s. On those aircraft some dishes can cooked in flight. They’re equipped with special microwave ovens. In the main, however, all the entrees, fish dishes, roasts, grills and vegetables are prepared on the ground and only need to be heated by us.

Mr. Marshall: What happens when the aircraft continues after I get off in Bahrain? Do you carry enough food for the rest of the flight?

Air hostess: Apart from the lunch we have Dialogue 3 страница served already, we also have enough supplies to give everyone afternoon tea. We’ll uplift more supplies at another airport so that the fresh cabin crew will be able to serve dinner and breakfast. The breakfast, of course, will be served at the of the night sector.

Mr. Marshall: A fresh crew?

Air hostess: Yes, our work for the will be over. Another crew will have to take over from us.

Mr. Marshall: What will you do then?

Air hostess: After clearing Customs, a crew bus will take us to a hotel where we rest until we have Dialogue 3 страница to report to take out tomorrow’s flight. It’ll be another nine days before we get back to base.

Mr. Marshall: That’s because you work for a worldwide airline or long-haul airline as you call it.

Air hostess: Yes, I prefer working for an international airline. It can be hard work, but it’s also fun and you do see the world and all sorts of people. Some girls, of course, prefer working for short-haul airlines because they get home most days.

Mr. Marshall: I see there are six of you on this flight.

Air Dialogue 3 страница hostess: Yes. Two work in the first-class compartment and the rest of us look after all the economy-class passengers.

Mr. Marshall: Do you all have different jobs to do?

Air hostess: All the work is divided up. One of us is in this galley most of the time. Another looks after the bar and two of us concentrate on serving. It’s not quite as simple as that, but the system is good as it does share out the work.

Mr. Marshall: Can you serve up most things from the bar?

Air hostess: We carry a very good selection Dialogue 3 страница of drinks from beer, wines and spirits to soft drinks. We also mix cocktails.

Mr. Marshall: Do you serve any special drinks?

Air hostess: Yes, depending on which part of the world we are in. On our Pacific flights, for instance, we serve a South Seas cocktail. If we were flying to the West Indies I’d give you an excellent Planter’s Punch.

Mr. Marshall: What do you keep in there?

Air hostess: Nothing you’ll need. It’s full of baby food, milk powder and baby cereals.

Mr. Marshall: You certainly do cater for everyone Dialogue 3 страница.

Air hostess: Oh, yes. We even carry baby bottles and sterilizing kits, just in case a mother has forgotten something.

Mr. Marshall: I must say it’s all very impressive. I now see now you can manage to offer everything, and more, that a good hotel can.

Air hostess: It’s the service that means most to a passenger. If it’s bad, or the food is mediocre, he won’t fly with us again. We can’t take too much care of our passengers.

Mr. Marshall: Well, at least you don’t have to do the washing up.

Air hostess: Gosh Dialogue 3 страница, no. That’s one job I would hate. The meal trays are gathered up and put back into these containers. They’ll be taken off the aircraft when we uplift new supplies. Then the bar will be restocked at the same time.

Mr. Marshall: What happens to the containers when they are taken off?

Air hostess: The company that looks after our catering at the airport will take them away. Their staff will open them, throw away all the rubbish and wash the trays, cutlery, cups, glasses and containers.

Mr. Marshall: So they will be used Dialogue 3 страница again?

Air hostess: Yes. They will make up complete meal trays for another flight. Oftenthey will include some of their own local dishes or specialities.

Mr. Marshall: My word, is that the time?

Air hostess: Yes. We’ll soon be landing.

Mr. Marshall: Well, I’d better get back to my seat. Thanks for showing me the galley. It was very interesting.

Air hostess: I’m so glad you enjoyed it, sir.


1. in the region of: about, approximately

2. uplift: take on board


I. Translate into Russian:

the catering facilities, to accept invitation, airline kitchens on the around, to heat up Dialogue 3 страница dishes, to cook meals, catering staff, to make up the meals trays, to be easy to operate, to set the time switch, to taste, to be equipped with micro-wave ovens, to uplift (to take on board), supplies, a crew bus, long-haul airline, short-haul airline, kits, compartment, to share out the work, think of baby food, milk powder, baby bottles, to restock the bar, to look-after catering, time switch, to select, to fit.

II. TranslateintoEnglish:

Бортпитание, поднос, служебный автобус, пополнить запасы, местные воздушные линии, реле времени, выбрать температуру, разогревать пищу, поднять на борт продукты, заботиться о бортпитании, полеты на Dialogue 3 страница большие расстояния, принять приглашение, детское питание, набор.

III. Translate the following sentences:

We’d like to get some information of catering facilities on the aircraft. Meals are prepared in the airline kitchens on the ground and then they are deep frozen. The catering staff make up the meals trays required for each flight. The regular travelers do not have to eat the same food flight after flight as large airlines have about 400 different menus. There are special ovens to heat up the meals, these ovens are very easy to operate. Passengers can have meals cooked specially for them in Dialogue 3 страница the air. Do they carry enough food for all passenger for the whole flight? Do they have to uplift more supplies at other airports? I wonder if there is a crew bus to take the crew to a hotel. Do crews prefer working for short-haul or lend-haul airlines? How many stewards work in the first-class compartment? I’m sure there is a very good selection of dishes and drinks, they eater for everyone. Do they cater for children in flight? It’s the service that means most to a passenger. They often include some local dishes Dialogue 3 страница and specialities. How many airhostesses look after all the economy-class passengers?

IV. Answer the following questions:

What facilities are the aircraft equipped with to heat up the meals? Can dishes be cooked in flight? Are there good supplies to serve meals? Where do they uplift supplies if the flight is long? How many hostesses may there be in flight? Which way do they divide up their work? What services are provided for babies? What means a lot to passengers? Where are meal trays made up? What do airlines do about catering? What do airlines put on the aircraft Dialogue 3 страница for the benefit of passengers? How do the crews get to a hotel? When does afresh crew take over from the first one? What special ovens have been designed for aircraft?

V. Test. Translate into English:

Что необходимо подготовить для пассажиров для каждого рейса? Кто занимается бортпитанием? Где готовят пищу для рейсов? Как оборудованы кухни для приготовления пищи? На борту достаточно припасов для всех пассажиров? Как экипаж может добраться до гостиницы? Если специальный служебный автобус для экипажей? Когда этот экипаж вернется на базовый аэродром? Вы летает на местных или воздушных линиях? Сколько стюардесс на борту? Сколько стюардесс обслуживают Dialogue 3 страница пассажиров пе獹潴戠⁥慥祳琠灯牥瑡ⱥ琠敳⁴桴⁥楴敭猠楷捴ⱨ琠慴瑳ⱥ琠敢攠畱灩数⁤楷桴洠捩潲眭癡⁥癯湥ⱳ琠灵楬瑦⠠潴琠歡⁥湯戠慯摲Ⱙ猠灵汰敩ⱳ愠挠敲⁷畢ⱳ氠湯ⵧ慨汵愠物楬敮桳牯⵴慨汵愠物楬敮楫獴潣灭牡浴湥ⱴ琠桳牡⁥畯⁴桴⁥潷歲桴湩景戠扡⁹潦摯業歬瀠睯敤Ⱳ戠扡⁹潢瑴敬ⱳ琠敲瑳捯桴⁥慢Ⱳ琠潬歯愭瑦牥挠瑡牥湩Ⱨ琠浩⁥睳瑩档潴猠汥捥ⱴ琠楦⹴䤍⹉吠慲獮慬整湩潴湅汧獩㩨

5757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757Бортпитание, поднос, служебный автобус, пополнить запасы, местные воздушные линии, реле времени, выбрать температуру, разогревать пищу, поднять на борт продукты, заботиться о бортпитании, полеты на большие расстояния, принять приглашение, детское питание, набор.

III. Translate the following sentences:

We’d like to get some information of catering facilities on the aircraft. Meals are prepared in the airline kitchens on the ground and then they are deep frozen. The catering staff make up the meals trays requ物摥映牯攠捡⁨汦杩瑨桔⁥敲畧慬⁲牴癡汥牥⁳潤渠瑯栠癡⁥潴攠瑡琠敨猠浡⁥潦摯映楬桧⁴晡整⁲汦杩瑨愠⁳慬杲⁥楡汲湩獥栠癡⁥扡畯⁴〴‰楤晦牥湥⁴敭畮⹳吠敨敲愠敲猠数楣污漠敶獮琠敨瑡甠⁰桴⁥敭污ⱳ琠敨敳漠敶獮愠敲瘠牥⁹慥祳琠灯牥瑡⹥倠獡敳杮牥⁳慣慨敶洠慥獬挠潯敫⁤灳捥慩汬⁹潦⁲桴浥椠桴⁥楡⹲䐠桴祥挠牡祲攠潮杵⁨潦摯映牯愠汬瀠獡敳杮牥映牯琠敨眠潨敬映楬桧㽴䐠桴祥栠癡⁥潴甠汰晩⁴潭敲猠灵汰敩⁳瑡漠桴牥愠物潰瑲㽳䤠眠湯敤⁲晩琠敨敲椠⁳⁡牣睥戠獵琠慴敫琠敨挠敲⁷潴愠栠瑯汥潄挠敲獷瀠敲敦⁲潷歲湩⁧潦⁲桳牯⵴慨汵漠⁲敬摮栭畡楡汲湩獥‿潈⁷慭祮猠整慷摲⁳潷歲椠桴⁥楦獲⵴汣獡⁳潣灭牡浴湥㽴䤠涒猠牵⁥桴牥⁥獩愠瘠牥⁹潧摯猠汥捥楴湯漠⁦楤桳獥愠摮搠楲歮ⱳ琠敨⁹慥整⁲潦⁲癥牥潹敮潄琠敨⁹慣整⁲潦⁲档汩牤湥椠汦杩瑨‿瑉玒琠敨猠牥楶散琠慨⁴敭湡⁳潭瑳琠⁡慰獳湥敧⹲吠敨⁹景整湩汣摵⁥潳敭氠捯污搠獩敨⁳湡⁤灳捥慩楬楴獥潈⁷慭祮愠物潨瑳獥敳⁳潬歯愠瑦牥愠汬琠敨攠潣潮祭挭慬獳瀠獡敳杮牥㽳䤍⹖䄠獮敷⁲桴⁥潦汬睯湩⁧畱獥楴湯㩳圍慨⁴慦楣楬楴獥愠敲琠敨愠物牣晡⁴煥極灰摥眠瑩⁨潴栠慥⁴灵琠敨洠慥獬‿慃楤桳獥戠⁥潣歯摥椠汦杩ht? Are there good supplies to serve meals? Where do they uplift supplies if the flight is long? How many hostesses Dialogue 3 страница may there be in flight? Which way do they divide up their work? What services are provided for babies? What means a lot to passengers? Where are meal trays made up? What do airlines do about catering? What do airlines put on the aircraft for the benefit of passengers? How do the crews get to a hotel? When does afresh crew take over from the first one? What special ovens have been designed for 57a57i57r57c57r57a57f57t57?57

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